The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project is an attempt to provide free Web space to anyone by creating a network of servers and computers via the Internet. Freesites are not extra storage space or download sites. People will be given space free of charge to present ideas and such to others.

A Freedom server will hold data on a working hard disk drive, while keeping open a set number of listening ports to support connections to the network. A website will contain all data about servers, lite servers, domains, ports, and storage availability. Once a connection is made to a server, it accesses the domain database and searches for the requested domain. If found, the server will send the proper URL to the requested file back to the client. The client will then be forwarded to that location. The URLs will be kept private by the server operator. Every server will be registered and added to the database.

A lite server will act as a medium between servers that get potentially filled with too much traffic. A lite server will keep open a small amount of listening ports. Once ports are connected to, a port on a server will be reserved for the client. The lite server will then close that connection and wait for another. This will hopefully provide easier access to a server. Every lite server will be registered and added to the database.

Domains will be provided for sites on a first come, first served basis. Later on, multiple domains may be used depending on server availability and my own personal apathy. Domains will be registered and added to the database.

The software for this project is currently being developed. If you have some experience in Visual BASIC or would like to learn or just help out with the project in general, please contact me.

The URL for Freedom will look something like "free://example/" (opens the index file) or "free://example/example.asp" (opens the example.asp file). The client browser will be using the Mozilla class library/object. Yes, most of the crap you see here seems pretty cheap. But this is a free service, and it's not even completely thought out. Also, a server or lite server (since they'll usually be personally served) reserves the right to cancel their subscription or be offline at any time. Hopefully, they'll provide forewarning of this. My co-developers and I will also attempt to provide free tutorials, examples, and help with Web programming (HTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, CFM, etc). Of course, you can only put on a Freedom server what the server can normally handle. Such as the main server ( can only handle HTML, ASP, and some CGI. Also, content will be monitored. Things such as child pornography will result in a ban. I like free stuff, but not when it's disgusting. As you may have noticed, I serve bootlegged files. Yes, this is illegal, and I will not allow it on Freedom. Technically, what I do is questionably illegal because it's my personal computer, and the files can magically disappear. But when I'm deliberately serving files for someone else, it can get messy--especially if I don't know about it. So your freedom comes with a price. But I do hope you enjoy the service.

Hopefully, along with your support, the Freedom Project will grow into something better. Let freedom ring!